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The Dirty Details

Material: GR5 Titanium

Finish: Crystal Silver

Length: 65.7mm

Length extended: 104.8mm

Outer diameter: 6mm

Weight: 4.67g

Truth be told…

The XtalPick isn’t just a toothpick. It's a multi-use pick that can be used for a truck-load more than just cleaning your teeth.

This is what I mean (Not to be combined with cleaning your teeth unless otherwise sanitized first!):

-Dental cleaning

-Finger nail cleaning

-letter opening

-crevasse cleaning

-package opening

-sliver removal


So how is the XtalPick made & why crystal titanium?

First and foremost..as far as we know this is the first EVER crystal titanium toothpick.

So who cares.. And why is this so great..

Well for starters the process for any titanium based alloy product to be made is extremely detailed. The process starts with a process known as the Kroll Process. During this process the main ore is treated with a gas called chlorine gas in order to produce titanium tetrachloride. This is then taken through a process of purification, and is then reduced into a metallic titanium sponge which happens from a reaction with sodium. After this the alloying process takes place to the titanium sponge. This process is very labor intensive and this is why titanium products are always more expensive to the “lesser metals” like steel and aluminum.

5 Reasons why titanium products are better?

-5x more durable

-4x more lightweight

-Beautiful finish

-Corrosion resistant

-Isn’t cold to touch (This is important for a toothpick!)

XtalPick has an unconditional money back guarantee

We take pride in ALL the products that we create and sell. The XtalPick is no exception to that rule either.

If you are not satisfied with the XtalPick for any reason, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

The XtalPick also has a lifetime guarantee, if for any reason you break your toothpick, we will replace it no questions asked!