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If you are looking for the highest quality toothpick ever made.. I have good news for you.. We have made exactly that!

Before I tell you more about the TiPick.. I have one thing I have to tell you..

I created this toothpick because I was terrified.

I was terrified of ever being in that awkward situation where you needed a toothpick but you didn’t have one..Those times where you are frantically searching for something.. A credit card, a receipt, a key, maybe even one of those “wooden one-use toothpicks”.. anything just anything to get that pesky something out of your teeth.

Those are the times when you need something like this the most, but you simply just don’t have it with you..

Those are the saddest of times because you end up using something you would be ashamed of using to clean your teeth with but you end up using it anyways because you have no other option.

After over a year of a lengthy development process..

I introduce to you..

The TiPick..

TiPick is the smallest concealable Titanium Toothpick. These things are so small, if you don’t put it on your keychain immediately you are guaranteed to lose it! TiPicks lifetime guarantee does not cover lost toothpicks due to its small size but it does guarantee cleaner teeth if used everyday.

The Dirty Details..

– Weight: 2.8grams

– Length Closed: 35mm

– Thickness: 6mm

– Material: Titanium

– Warranty: Lifetime